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It’s raining. The gloriously heavy, warm-weathered, bright-sky-with-big-dark-clouds kind of rain of impossibly large drops that we used to enjoy when I was little. My brothers and I would be outside in our bathing suits and flip-flops or rubber boots getting soaked and squealing & laughing with delight. Sitting on the curb or dancing in the yard or splashing in the gulleys that ran as fast as they could to the nearest storm drain.

Thunder rumbles in the distance. The downspouts are flowing like fountains. The still hot pavement and steaming shingles smell like summer. The rain stops, the sky brightens. Until the next wave.

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As I sit in my NBF’s backyard, on her fancy deck, and sip my tea while listening, literally, to the wind in the willow – and the maples – I feel blanketed by a sense of calm. I’m watching the branches blow in the breeze and I’m wondering if BoyGenius has climbed that willow tree yet. I’m listening for the birdsongs competing with the rustling leaves and can make out mourning doves, robins, phoebes, a cardinal and the cluck of some grackles – all over the song of the buzz saw from up the street.

I’m thinking: I should get me something like this. A “retreat.” HA! My yard is half the size of this one and my deck doesn’t have room for the cushy furniture. Never mind fitting a weeping willow in somewhere. And then I’m thinking, wondering: where do I go to escape, to retreat? Where is my oasis?

I don’t know about you all, but I tend to go into my head. Of course it would be a much better escape if it was empty. There’s always talk, talk, talk. Sure, sometimes it’s me who starts the conversation but I can’t be held responsible for all of it. I find that in my head I get to say whatever I want to say to whomever I choose. And you know what? They always tell me what I want to hear in the end. There may be some disagreement along the way, that other voice pointing out potential problems and brick walls I’m going to hit, but all in all, things get worked out. The trouble with that is that sometimes I just want quiet. Stillness. Time away.

enjoying a get-away

Where do you go to escape? For some it’s a backyard oasis, for some others it’s running cross-country. Hiking in the woods, laying on a beach, locking the door to the bathroom. I would love to be able to retreat to the woods or the beach. Lay on the dock enjoying the sun while the dragonflies hover close by. Fall asleep on the shore listening to the crashing of waves. I don’t often get that chance. There’s always BG to think of – it’s not really possible to nap on the beach when you have to keep watch over the offspring. So like I said, I take off into my head. It’s kind of neat, because I am able to do it at any given time. While doing laundry, cooking, falling asleep, mowing the lawn. Sometimes I find cool things in there, hidden away where no one would think to look. One I found the other day goes something like this:

If I could write a love letter
I know exactly what I’d say:
to me you grow more beautiful
with every passing day.

I wouldn’t think that would be enough
so I might also have to mention
how whenever I am with you
you ease all my stress and tension.

How I never thought I’d love someone
the way that I love you
and if I had the chance to show it
I know just what I would do.

I’d shout it from the rooftops
in a voice so loud and clear
there could be no doubt, no question
that to me you are most dear.

I’d live each day as if my time
with you were near to end;
I’d fill your needs, I’d calm your fears;
to your every wish I’d tend.

I would capture how I feel
and put it neatly in a song;
it would shoot to number 1 so fast
you’d hear it all day long.

I’d never let you wonder
if my love for you is real;
I’d tell you twenty, thirty times a day
exactly how I feel.

I’d bring you gifts, I’d make you laugh,
I’d cook your favourite foods.
I’d let you know that in your eyes
I can read your changing moods.

I’d ask you if you’d marry me
though I know that there’s no way.
I’d make sure you knew that if you did
I’d still ask you every day.

I’d try my best to make you feel
the fullness in my soul;
To clarify the fact that
you’re the one who makes me whole.

I’d gaze at you so often
just to memorize your face.
And if you ever needed time,
you know I’d also give you space.

I’d do your dishes and your laundry;
clear the clutter from your table.
I’d kiss you, snuggle and caress
every moment I was able.

So if I could write a love letter
and get all this out; a kind of release
it might help you understand that in the puzzle that’s my life
you are the final piece.

There. I escaped for a little bit.

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harbingers of spring

Springtime is here. Officially, and anecdotally. Know what I mean?

Kids shedding their coats. Sunshine. Lilac budding out. Winter babies making appearances in outfits that allow you to actually see them. Sunshine. Motorbikes, scooters and bicycles. Dogs rolling in mud.

We didn’t have much of a winter here; not a single snow storm, driveways and sidewalks only had to be shoveled twice, I didn’t even get the snowtires put on my car.  It’s March and we’ve been sitting out on decks and enjoying hottubs, listening to the songs of spring peepers.  I only bought birdseed twice this winter, not that the birds wouldn’t have eaten more, but really, there was food readily available for them all over the place.

BoyGenius asked today if we could picnic at the park for lunch. That’s how quickly we’ve made the transition from winter to warm this year. I have croci and lenten rose blooming in the garden and hollyhocks pushing their way up through the inlaid brick walkway. I have the windows open and the furnace off.

A sure sign of spring!

One of the first things I notice about spring is the smell. It’s not always a good smell … there are those winters where the first thing you smell with the spring thaw is melting dog doo. Wonderful. (This winter that hasn’t been the case and I think it’s because we didn’t have the snow that some dog owners think hides the fact that their dog just cr@pped in the schoolyard.) No, I mean the smell of soil, the smell of slightly warmer air, the smell of morning dew. Today’s mud smells much different from the mud we had to deal with all winter. It smells like — marbles and skipping ropes; scooter and bikes; pussywillows and tulips; yardwork and car washes.

What are some of the things that put you in mind of spring? Is there one thing that takes you back to when you were a kid?

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