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Why do we push

ourselves and others

into places we don’t really

want to go; corners we

can’t get out of?

I’m sitting on my couch, trying to drink my cup of tea before it cools, can’t even seem to manage that anymore. It’s 4:56am and it’s decaf. I’ve been awake about an hour and a half. HardWorker’s alarm is going off for the third time. The cat has already been out and in again. Fourth time. Just get the f@ck up, already! There’s little crawling scratchy noises coming from my living room ceiling — I’ve been hearing that for weeks — fifth time — and I’ve pretty much given up trying to figure out what it is. My tea is cold.

You know those things we join — those groups, those challenges, (sixth time) those write/draw/photograph/post/seventh time/plank/squat/whatever things we’ve all seen and been “challenged” to do and probably agreed to or signed on for? Why?? EIGHTH TIME.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t need another thing to fail at; some other task I *seriously, just get up! ninth time* can’t complete. What is it about “human nature” that makes us put ourselves through these things? ‘Cause I’m pretty damn sure it’s not in my actual nature to complete anything — gestation aside — and yet I say ‘yes’ and join in. I have, on occasion, tried to get others to sign up.

It must have stopped snowing; seems darker out than it did two hours ago.

I mean, look, I’m here writing this incoherent meandering post (which

I probably won’t finish) instead of lying in bed sleeping because that’s just another challenge

I have failed at. By the way, if the formatting on this ends up being disjointed as well as the train of thought, that’s down to the stupidity of iOs and or app developers who are constantly updating games and shit but can’t seem to figure out how to make a page scroll above a keyboard. And why doesn’t the WP app recognize what has been written/edited/saved in WP in a browser?

But I digress. Here’s the thing: I stopped wearing my fitbit because I suck at remembering to put it back on after I shower, and most of the steps I take during the day are done with something (like a laundry basket) in my arms so they don’t ever seem to exist, and I already know how poorly

I am sleeping, thank you,

I don’t need you to remind me.

Even my favourite Spider Solitaire game decided to do an update that now has it keeping count of and displaying HOW MANY GAMES I’VE ABANDONED IN THE LAST SEVEN DAYS. Seriously. Who actually thought *that* was a critical piece of information that needed to be added???

Have I mentioned I’ve been awake since about 3:17??

On a side note: if *boyfriend* jeans and t-shirts and socks and whatever else is/are being designed and tailored for women, THEY’RE NOT REALLY *BOYFRIEND* CLOTHES ANYMORE.

And also, my grocery store has joined the ever-growing ranks of establishments offering healthy snacks instead of cookies to children who can’t make it through the shopping trip without a treat. (Why not adults? I took a clementine last week — sue me.) They even have a sign up: HEY KID’S, ENJOY A HEALTHY SNACK WHILE SHOPPING! Well, actually, they now have a sign up with the apostrophe circled and a little note beside it saying, “no apostrophe needed”. Oh, shit, I just remembered that last week I corrected a sign in another store that was drawing attention to the table of “STATIONARY” they were trying to unload. Some days I am not fit for human consumption .

I’m going to reheat my tea now. Good morning!

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love, and circles

I wrote this in December 2013. For some reason I never published it. Maybe I thought it wasn’t finished. Maybe I just forgot. Maybe Christmas happened and who knows what else. I read it today, and I liked it. Just the way it is. I don’t know. Maybe I’ve got circles of friendship on my mind.



I am sick. It started with a feeling of just not being well, that achyness that comes with a fever. BoyGenius has had a cough for over a week already, but we had managed to avoid the stomach bug that had hit our and other area schools very heavily in the last three weeks, so I felt lucky to only be getting a cold. Ha! Within 12 hours I had such a cough that I was sure I had dislocated at least 6 ribs. Then the coughing sent my stomach into spasms and I was throwing up 2-3 times a day. BoyGenius’ cough became a bit more prevalent, then his whole thing morphed into more of a standard runny-nosed cold.

This journey began on Wednesday evening for me and I think today is Saturday. This afternoon I started having sneezing fits, dizziness, and excess tension in my jaw. But hey, my ribs are much better!

I don’t mind the whole cold/virus thing. Really. I drug myself up, use the neti pot and the peppermint oil, drink plenty of fluids, nap, watch movies with the boy and wait it out. Usually. But it’s, what, 4 days ’til Christmas? I was going to head up north to bring my mother down to our house on Thursday. Then Friday. Hasn’t happened yet. Cleaning the house in anticipation of her arrival hasn’t been finished yet, either. Oops.

There has been much couch-laying. There has been very little cooking. There has been even less cleaning. There has, however, been time to peruse e-mail and facebook. There have been lovely posts and messages from friends far and wide, new and old. There has been love, and there have been circles.

Circles? Yeah, circles. You know, people used the term “circle of friends” long before those Mexican folk-art candle holders became popular. Way back before they had “networks” they navigated. Circles are cool. I have many different circles of friends. Some of them are old (and even broken) like Stonehenge. Some are like satellites orbiting around a centre. Some are unexplained like crop circles. Some overlap in areas like venn diagrams. Some are loops, hoops or bangles, linked like chains or singular like in carnival ring-toss games.

Whatever they look like, you know what these circles do? They link us together. They carry us — our similarities, our differences, our likes and our dislikes, and most importantly, our feelings — so that we can share our lives, our loves and our hardships with one another. They let love spread out like ripples (hey, those are circles, too) and when my ripple circles meet your ripple circles they intermingle and can even send brand new ripples even further out.

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Donna Day … wanna help?

Last year around this time a few of my bloggity friends gathered from far and wide for an event that was being held in Chicago. I Want a Dumpster Baby, From the Bungalow, Pinwheels and Poppies, The Monster in Your Closet, Mary Tyler Mom … they were all there. Trade show, bloggers convention? Nope. A St. Baldrick’s event. “What’s that?” you ask. “Some religious gathering?” Nope. A shave. A fundraiser. An event. This particular one was being held in Chicago, put together by Donna’s Good Things in memory of and to

Donna's Good Things event is being held at the Candlelite in Chicago

Donna’s Good Things event is being held at the Candlelite in Chicago

honour Donna Quirke Hornik, to raise much needed money to fund research in the hopes that one day children won’t have to fight cancer. I couldn’t attend but I was there in spirit and I did donate some cash. Donna was an amazing little girl and you can read her story here. It’s not my story to tell so I won’t do that, but it is my story to share and it is up to all of us to do the same. If you know of anyone who has fought cancer then you know how horrible it is … if you know of any child who has had to fight cancer then you know how much worse that is. If you haven’t got a clue (and even if you do), then please read Donna’s story,  her family’s story, her mother’s story. It ain’t pretty … but it’s beautiful.

So, Mary Tyler Mom (Donna’s mother) asked some people to blog today, Donna Day, about this year’s event. You can find out more about it and make a donation here (in case you didn’t see that last link). I wasn’t actually specifically asked, but you know, I didn’t need to be. Research into pediatric cancer is a big deal. It needs to be funded. We need to do this; we can make a difference. Sure, it takes scientists and money and stuff .. but we’ve got those things. Donate.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you don’t actually have to attend an event in order to make a donation. You don’t even have to be in the same state, province or country. You can donate to Donna’s event just by clicking through. Also thanks to this here internet, you can check to see if there might be any events in your area, if you would be more comfortable donating to or attending something like that. And by doing just that, checking for local events, I came across this little gem: a group of Tau Kappa Epsilon students from UOIT is holding an event on March 8th, 2013 at the Campus Ice Centre in Oshawa, Ontario. These young men are standing together to try to keep cancer from bullying more and more children. How can you help? Donate! You can click through and pick a certain participant to support or you can donate to the event. These guys are hoping to raise $1500 to help fund childhood cancer research. That’s not too much. I’m sure we can push them over the top. St. Baldrick’s partners with Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation so if you’re a Canuck and want your funds to go towards a Canadian organization, not to worry, they will.

Honestly, I’m not too concerned as to which St. Baldrick’s event you donate to, I just want to get you to donate. St. Baldrick’s is a good organization and like I said above, research into pediatric cancer is a big deal.

Please help.

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a day of giving thanks?

We are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. We are giving thanks. Is this something that we should only do one day out of the year? No, certainly not. Do we understand this, as a people? I think we are getting closer. Many of my favourite bloggers regularly express their gratitude or thankfulness .. and also allow others to do the same. Just ask Deb at The Monster in Your Closet or Kitkatkootie at I Want a Dumpster Baby. I believe we will all get there, given time.

Every day I am thankful for family and friends. I am thankful for my homes (current and childhood). I am thankful for my education, I am thankful for my abilities and I am thankful for the gratuitous gifts that have been bestowed upon me.

As I type this I find that I keep hitting a wrong key and am often typing “thinkful” instead of “thankful.” I keep going back and correcting it but after about 5 times in a row I realized that I actually am thinkful and not just thankful. As long as I keep being thinkful about all of these things it will be easier to remember to be thankful for them.

I am thankful for my beautiful BoyGenius and when I am thinkful about him and just how long a process it was to get him I give much more thought to the role my parents played in the whole thing. They were behind me wholeheartedly and spent tens of thousands hard-earned dollars. Enablers? Facilitators? Loving parents. Thank you.

I am thankful for my Hardworker and if I took more time to be thinkful about what she has given and continues to give us daily I would probably be even more thankful. I would at least be more expressive in my thanks. I’ll work on that. Thank you.

I am thankful for the fact that we have a bounty of food for our table and a table (or two) of family and friends to share it with. I am thinkful of this quite often … I hit the grocery store at least twice a week and while there is much to choose from I am limited in my purchases to foods that my family will actually eat. I am lucky to have friends who like to eat things that I like to eat but can’t cook at home because I am the only one who will enjoy it. I can make and share with that other household and I also benefit from their own, bolder kitchen choices. For this I am thankful. I know that there are many places on earth where there aren’t even grocery stores let alone 10 varieties of apples or 8 brands of pasta to decide on; this gives me pause and much to be thankful for. I am. Thankful.

I am thankful for online friends who write beautifully and give me much to be thinkful about. They also make me smile and laugh and cry and for all of these things I am thankful. Thank you ladies and gentlemen of my interworldly blogospheric community.

I could write for hours on this topic. How about you? Do you give much thought to being thankful?

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Monday’s words – G

Gee, it’s great to be here. G is a pretty good letter, it has more than one sound in and of its own, it can be combined with other letters to make even more amazing sounds and it’s a great start to some neat words.

One of the things I like about doing this little “series” of mine is that once I start trying to pinpoint just which words I would like to include as my favourites for the week I come across all sorts of other words (not necessarily of the current letter) that I either didn’t know at all (!) or that I recognized and used under only one definition when there may indeed be others. Kind of like the internet .. you look up one thing, you read about it, you follow a link to another page, you find something else interesting, you open another browser window since your current one already has 12 tabs and before you know it the school is calling wondering why you haven’t picked your child up for lunch. Words are like that for me.

Some of my favourite G words are quite common: gamut, gargantuan, glide, grace, giblets, gratuitous, guru and gazebo. Some are less so: gormless and ginnel. Some are downright uncommon: gamomania, gamophobia, gynarchy and gibus.

gamut — the complete range or scope of something. Often used in relation to emotions or feelings: Today his feelings ran the gamut of human emotions; he awoke after a bad night’s sleep feeling lost and desperate but by lunchtime his spirits had buoyed to a lightly buzzing feeling of well-being; dinner with friends followed by an evening out left him manically happy.

gargantuan — of immense size, volume, or capacity; gigantic!  I mean, gigantic is pretty good in its own right, even sounds great — but gargantuan!! Sounds even better. Seems so much bigger than gigantic. Even bigger than ginormous. Seriously. Big.

glide — I love this word because I like gliding. To move smoothly and continuously as if without effort. Gliding through water. Gliding on ice. Gliding or soaring through the air. When I picture gliding through water, it is always underwater and I’m seeing how far I can get without any kicking or strokes. Gliding on ice is fabulous, whether on skates or just in your boots … you push as fast and as hard as you can and then you just slide, glide as far as you can. Gliding or soaring — my dad was a glider pilot, he started flying when he was a teenager; all three of us kids went with him at various times when we were growing up. It’s an amazing feeling, better than any roller coaster. I really want to take BoyGenius up some day, I think he’ll love it. I love watching gulls and hawks and vultures (other birds, too) as they glide effortlessly from one thermal lift to another, have even been known to pull off the road just to observe, always with a smile on my face.

grace — both a noun and a verb. I enjoy both. There are definitions for grace (noun) that refer only to christian theology, implying that the only true meaning is the one that says grace is a free gift from God, unmerited divine assistance. I prefer elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action; refinement of movement. All of which can be a gift from God, if that’s what you believe. I also enjoy the idea of the  Three Graces of mythology. As a verb, grace is a beautiful word: to honour or favour; to give beauty, elegance or charm to (see the Three Graces of mythology!).

giblets — The liver, heart, gizzard, and neck of a chicken or other fowl, usually removed before the bird is cooked, and often used to make gravy. There isn’t really much to say about this word, I just love the sound of it. And I love me some good chicken or turkey gravy. 🙂

gratuitous — can be something good, can be something bad. I like using it both ways, I have no shame. Given or received without cost or obligation, without return or recompense. This is a good thing. Uncalled for, lacking good reason, unwarranted. This is a bad thing. Gratuitous violence in films comes to mind. Bad thing. Good word.

guru — (in Hinduism and Buddhism) A spiritual teacher, esp. one who imparts initiation; a teacher and guide in spiritual and philosophical matters; a trusted counselor and adviser, a mentor; a recognized leader in a field. Whether you see this is a spiritual sense or not, I think it’s a gift to be able to find a guru. I also love the sound of the word. I think I would love to be seen as a guru. Wouldn’t you? To me it imparts a sense of wisdom, grace, calm; being a stabilizing force in someone’s life while teaching them to fly on their own.

gazebo. I want one.

gazebo — a small open-sided structure, freestanding, with a roof. Provides shade and some shelter. I want one. Someday. I love saying the word gazebo.

gormless — dull or unintelligent. Not used very much in North America. I watch a lot of british television .. gormless gets used a lot.

ginnel —  a narrow passageway between buildings. Also a british term, we’d be more likely to call it an alley, but I really like the way ginnel sounds (hard g).

gamomania and gamophobia — I’ve got to admit I didn’t know these words before yesterday. I like them. gamomania: a passion or obsession for making odd or extravagant (or bizarre) marriage proposals. gamophobia: the fear of getting married or being in a relationship. Nowadays people usually just call it “fear of commitment.” They should use gamophobia or say the person in question is gamphobic. Sounds way better.

gynarchy — government or rule by women. Used most often these days to describe the social structure of some insects (wasps, bees, ants) where the only the female parent takes part in establishing the colony. I think it’s one of those words that should be used quite often but would probably be misused more often than not.

Finally, gibus — I just found this word .. it is apparently a hat worn to the opera. If any “event hat” should have a name of its own, I think an opera hat would be it.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have favourite words that start with G. And for a little extra enlightenment on grace, give a listen to this Coldplay song. It’s a favourite of mine as well.

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