It’s raining. The gloriously heavy, warm-weathered, bright-sky-with-big-dark-clouds kind of rain of impossibly large drops that we used to enjoy when I was little. My brothers and I would be outside in our bathing suits and flip-flops or rubber boots getting soaked and squealing & laughing with delight. Sitting on the curb or dancing in the yard or splashing in the gulleys that ran as fast as they could to the nearest storm drain.

Thunder rumbles in the distance. The downspouts are flowing like fountains. The still hot pavement and steaming shingles smell like summer. The rain stops, the sky brightens. Until the next wave.

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4 thoughts on “rain

  1. Oh, how I want this! I’m glad for a taste through your words.

    I might’ve left Oregon for its incessant rain, but the truth is I miss it … not enough to tolerate it nine months a year, but to wish for at least a solid month of it annually, and to be content with even one day full of it.

    • It’s definitely coming in waves today. Just got soaked on the way to the car to take BoyGenius to gymnastics; light sprinkle only when I returned. Huge downpour again now that I’m back indoors. I love water: rain, oceans, streams, waterfalls, hot showers, sprinklers. But not so much that I could live in the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Bah, can I say that without taking your joy? It has been raining here for weeks now. Our rivers and lakes, our dams are breaching. Flash floods abound. Our yards are swamps. The pressure of the low clouds make my entire body hurt and push me to my breaking point.


    But my friend, I am glad it makes you happy.

    • Not a problem! You can “bah!” anything you like.

      I wouldn’t like constant rain. Even one day of low pressure moving in can cripple me, but my head didn’t mind it this time. *knocks on wood to ward off jinxing that*

      My backyard, and my neighbour’s, used to turn into a swamp every spring (until the guy behind us was finally advised not to drain his pool that way lest he receive a by-law fine) and I didn’t like that one bit.

      Yesterday it rained all day, that too-heavy-to-be-drizzle but too-light-to-be-real-rain kind of stuff that really dampens one’s enthusiasm for doing anything (see what I did there?). Today we are totally socked in, no rain just oppressive cold grayness. Very annoying. Bah!

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