Tonight I miss my brother.

Today was a day like many others. Finally got (mostly) rid of a two day headache that had managed to turn itself into a migraine in the middle of last evening. Got up at a reasonable hour, showered and dressed, got BoyGenius up, fed and dressed. We ran to school, made it just in time as the bell went.

I came back home, threw some laundry in, watched a movie and nursed my still aching head. Soon enough it was time to pick the Boy up for lunch. I drove over, offering to take him out but he wanted to just come home. So we did. Then back to school.

In the afternoon I did a bit more laundry, cleaned up most of the back garden and some of the stuff out of the lawn that had escaped the garden. After that I watched this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy and had a tea. In the blink of an eye it was time to pick BoyGenius up again.

It being Friday, we just had time for … wait for it … some laundry (!) and a snack, BoyGenius had some computer time and I watched this week’s Glee. Quick dinner and then back to the school gym for the Friday Night Fun Club. Left the Boy there and went to my bff’s for a quick visit with her and a couple of other friends. Some wine, some snacks, a few games of mancala and some fun chat. Two hours and it’s time to pick the kids up again.

Walked home in the rain with BoyGenius; HardWorker was home waiting for us. Changed into pyjamas, called my mom and traded stories of what the last two days were like for both of us.

By the end of that conversation I was crying. No warning. No real reason; don’t know what sparked it. All I know is that it was an overwhelming feeling of missing my brother. I miss my brother.

Tonight I miss my brother.

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3 thoughts on “tonight

  1. Can only say I am sorry. It is terrible to feel such loss and have it creep up.

  2. So sorry. I’m glad you have your mom, husband, and little guy to hold you tight.

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