How special are birthdays to you? How long do your celebrations last? The thought of birthdays has been on my mind lately since so many of my friends and family have October birthdays. Best month of the year!

I like to celebrate for about a week. It’s only fair, sometimes my birthday falls in the middle of the week. Hard to go for dinner and drinks on a school night. I like the idea of getting together with friends and having a night out. Other than that, I don’t make too big a deal. Except for the fact that it’s my birthday. And it goes on for at least a week.

I told my mother last week not to worry that she hadn’t posted her card for me yet. That it didn’t matter if it got here on time. She begged to differ. She says it’s one of the most special days there is; after all, it’s the day she had her only daughter. From a parental point of view I get it. I understand what she’s saying. I feel the same way about BoyGenius’ birthday. He deserves to know that his birthday, the day he was born, was the best day of my life.

When it comes to my own birthday I don’t care so much. It’s no big deal. HardWorker and I decided a long time ago that we wouldn’t buy each other gifts because a) we usually buy ourselves what we want when we want it and 2) we don’t really know for sure what we would get because a) … and so on and so on. My brother SkinnyGuy used to bring me a cake at work. My brother BlueEyes used to be away a lot (flight attendant) but he would make a big deal when he came back: snacks from Japan, wine & chocolate from Germany, sweaters from Peru. My mom and dad would mail cookies to the office. That’s right. I was special. I am special.

feel the love!

So anyway, tomorrow is my birthday. I’ll be another year older but that’s a good thing (just think of the alternative!). I’ve got things I hope to accomplish in my new year. Some of them will need to be addressed this month still/already. I won’t feel any older, I don’t know if I’ll feel any wiser; but I will be glad I’m here, able to share another year with my son, my partner, my mother, my brother, my cousins and their children and grandchildren, my childhood friends, my work friends, my new friends, all their children, my online friends & their children, and all the friends I have yet to meet; allowed to enjoy the sights and sounds of the world around me; gifted with the privilege of feeling the love and joy that I have to offer bubble up inside me and vibrate out to the universe.

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6 thoughts on “birthdays

  1. Running from Hell with El

    Happy Birthday dear friend! And yes! It beats the alternative! I hope you have a lovely time with the people you love most!

  2. Funny to see this post sitting in my inbox. October 23rd is my birthday and at first I thought I sent my blog post to my email by mistake…

    Love the post, you sound like me…just much better with words, lol.

    I hope you have a truly wonderful birthday!


    • Thank you, Melissa! And happy birthday right back. 🙂 I hope your day was special for you.

      I’m not sure about “much better with words” … sometimes I find I’m a little wordy even for my own liking.

  3. First, Happy Birthday.

    I am wild for other peoples birthdays but ambivalent about my own. Cards are nice I suppose, but I don’t think I care much any longer. I like dinner with my kids and hugs from my grandson, that rocks. Date night with the husband, that can be fun. The rest? No not so much.

    Hope your day was fun and your list of things to accomplish bring you joy through the year.

    • Thanks so much, Valentine! It was fun enough .. it lasts at least a week so I think I’ll celebrate some more on the weekend.

      As for the list of tasks bringing me joy?? Well, seeing them accomplished will certainly do so. Thanks again.

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