Monday’s words – F

There aren’t that many F words that easily spring to mind as favourites. I’m not sure why.

The ones I do like best include fervent, facilitate, fate, facet, feral, feisty, fescue, familiar, façade and my new favourite word: floccinaucinihilipilification(!). Shall we talk about these words a bit?

fervent ~ having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling or enthusiasm; hot, burning or glowing. I do love this word. Anything that has to do with warmth or intensity of spirit is pretty cool in my books.

facilitate ~ to make easier or less difficult; to help forward; to assist the progress of a person. To facilitate something, to be a facilitator … not always a good thing but I like the part about assisting the progress of a person (shouldn’t we all try to do that?).

fate ~ what do I really need to say about fate? There are many aspects to this word, and while they all have something to do with predetermination or destiny, my favourite definition is the one that speaks to “the universal principle or ultimate agency by which the order of things is presumably prescribed; the decreed cause of events.” I believe in fate. There are things that have happened to me that defy any other explanation; there are people I have met who I must have been fated to meet. I do think we are in control of our own lives, or at least most aspects of them, but there are certainly examples of fate all around us; sometimes no matter what choices we make, which paths we choose to take, we come to the same finish line.

facet ~ an aspect or a phase; one of the cut surfaces of a gemstone — or indeed one aspect of it. (I like the word aspect as well .. even though it didn’t make it to my A list.) When I hear the word facet I immediately make the jump to many-faceted. I do enjoy that there are multiple parts to so many things.

feral ~ existing in a natural state; wild … or having reverted to the wild state from domestication. We had a feral cat once. William wasn’t just a stray. He showed up on our deck one day and our own cats just kind of welcomed him into the fold. With any other wandering visitors they all hissed and howled, claiming their property rights; with William they were quiet and accepting and downright playful. They seemed to know that he hadn’t ever had a home. He took months of convincing, saucers of warm milk on the deck, a doghouse insulated with an old down jacket (it was winter, after all) and finally came in for very quick visits. It was funny to see his reaction to the ceiling in the living room and the feel of carpet under his toes. He did eventually adopt us as his family but stayed pretty true to his wildness until the end — about 10 years later. ♥

feisty ~ full of spirit and pluck; showing or having exuberance and determination … of course there is always the other side: quarrelsome, touchy or aggressive. I enjoy feisty people — and they can be on either side of the definition. To me it’s all about standing up for yourself or others, either way.

fescue ~ as in the grass, which is a variety often used in lawns and pastures … but more importantly this: a pointer, as a straw or slender stick, used to point out the letters in teaching children to read. I love this word for the way it sounds and I love the idea that the teacher’s pointer actually has a special name other than “pointer.” I wonder how many primary teachers know that?

familiar ~ I like the thought that one might have a familiar (a spirit embodied in an animal meant to attend to or guard a person); it seems like a natural sort of thing even though it’s associated with witchcraft and wizardry or even demons. As for this word’s other definition, I do feel very complete and at ease when I am familiar with something or someone.

façade ~ I don’t like when this term can be used to describe something negatively, as in a false front or something deceptive, but I do love the true architectural use of façade: the front of a building, especially an imposing or decorative one; any face of a building given special architectural treatment. I love when the façade of an old building can be kept and incorporated into a new design instead of the entire original building being torn down to make way for the new. I love ornate doorways and window treatments and stonemasonry that has survived through the ages and is allowed to continue to shine.

floccinaucinihilipilification ~ The act or habit of describing or regarding something as worthless. Apparently it’s the longest non-technical word in the english language. If you go here you’ll be able to hear it pronounced. It’s not often used in “real” speech but it does exist and I like it just for that.

F is for friends who do things together …


So there you have it them, my F words. Of course there are others: family, friendship, fabulous, feelings .. or even SpongeBob’s favourite F word “FUN.” But those are words that everybody knows. Mine are maybe not.

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One thought on “Monday’s words – F

  1. I love words, so I like your F words. I use several of them frequently.

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