Monday’s words — D

I’ve got to tell you, while I do have some favourite D words (I’ll get to those in a bit) I find the letter D to be one of the harshest letters of the english alphabet. Not for the sound it makes, that’s harmless enough, but for the many D words that are demeaning, disgusting or just downright depressing.

Instead of embracing diversity and celebrating our differences we delineate, demarcate and differentiate. We would sooner point out someone’s disabilities than discuss their abilities. We discriminate against the destitute and think of them as human detritus, disparaging them by considering them as disparate from ourselves as possible. We destroy much of our environment and disenfranchise our youth, our elderly and our poor, often treating them disingenuously. Our animals suffer from distemper. When we try to understand a literary work we deconstruct it. When we don’t get what we think we want we are said to be disillusioned.

Whew. You may have gotten the idea that there aren’t any D words I like. Well, let me disabuse you of that notion. Disambiguate, as it were. There are indeed D words that I love; their sound, their meaning(s), their inherent hope and sometimes anger. Some of them have already been used in this post. Some others are delicious, delectable, desire and destiny.

Do you think any one letter is better than any others? Do you find, like I do, that D words have a lot to make up for?

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