Monday’s words — C

Today I am full of love. That is not to say that I am not full of love on any other day, but just that it is something that should be known and proclaimed: today I am full of love. Love is an exceptional thing. It is bubbling inside of me and making me bounce and laugh and cry and grin. It is making me both tense and loose; rigid and flowing. All in all, today has been an exceptional day.

It is Monday, and today that means it is a word day. Today’s words will start with the letter C. I quite enjoy the letter C. It is so changeable. On its own it can sound like a K or an S or a SH or a CH. It can be paired with other letters to create some of those same sounds. Quite versatile.

today’s post is brought to you by the letter C

Some of my favourite C words are cerulean, conundrum, cloister and chameleon. I also like communal and commune (with commune being either a noun or a verb). These of course branch off into community and communication. I like how the CH in chimera is a K sound while the CH in chiropodist can be a K sound or a SH sound or the guttural german combination of the two. Certain. Certainly. Certainty. I wonder if  don’t think  there could be a better word for a large, angry, destructive fire than conflagration. I love how the word caress can sound and feel just like a caress if you say it the right way. I totally love how the word cleave can mean two completely opposite things: to divide or split and to adhere firmly and closely or loyally and unwaveringly.

I also have a favourite C anecdote. It comes from a show called Mad About You and goes a little something like this:

Clamenza! Clamenza! (in a high pitched voice)
Clamenza? Clamenza? Helloooo Clamenza’s!
Clams. Clamenza Clams. Clamenza Clams. Ah,
Clamenza. (a la Brando as Godfather) Clamenza,
how about some clams? Clamenza, try the clams.
We have clams. Where’d you get your clams?
Clamenza brought clams. (back to Paul) I’m done
with the Clamenza thing.


Alright, one more.


C words. Not always a bad thing.

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