Monday’s words — B

  • bilious
  • barter
  • bargain
  • bubbly
  • bread

The thing with B words is that they are just so much fun to say. I love the way the letter B ‘pops’ out of my lips. It’s like a P only softer .. and you can easily make it sound just like a bubble bursting. It’s beautiful.

  • biblical
  • brilliant
  • brigand

There’s something about B words. I don’t think it’s my favourite letter necessarily, but it is certainly bodacious.

  • brevity
  • bitumen
  • byzantine
  • bamboo
  • baobab

There is no shortage of B words for me to list (which I’m sure applies to any letter, actually). My favourite of the B words might be those that start with B and have a B in the middle as well; you really get that bubbly feeling of biblical proportions when babbling about bamboo or baobab trees. Of course, they might be those words that start with a B which is immediately followed by an R; bread would be at the top of this list, quickly followed by brilliant and brevity. I believe I could sit and mutter the words bread and brilliant to myself for hours; it would be calming and meditative. I might do it in a Scottish accent; it’s not absolutely necessary to the exercise but try it, see if you like it.

I like birds, butterflies, baguettes and broom. I like bales of hay and battening hatches.

If you start paying attention to the B words in your vocabulary you might begin to notice how much fun they can be. Bright, brilliant, blessed and beneficial.

brilliant bread

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2 thoughts on “Monday’s words — B

  1. beatific, bucolic, bueno, blurgh 🙂

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