Monday’s words — A

Mondays. What do Mondays mean to you? As far as I’m concerned they are the day that you try to catch up on all the stuff that you didn’t get done on the weekend. If you work outside the home, I guess it’s different; when I went to work Mondays were okay, I didn’t have that big fear, the huge feeling of dread that some people get on Sunday night even. Monday meant I would see my work friends, I would get to buy a special coffee and listen to what everyone else did on the weekend.

Nowadays I see Mondays as that day to catch up. On sleep, on laundry, on unloading the dishwasher, on grocery shopping. Of course, it’s really just a mental illusion I create for myself. I don’t catch up. I might get some laundry done, I might go to the grocery store. I might not. I might read. I might just sit and watch television. Not that I didn’t watch television all weekend. Oh no. But that was different. There were other people around. Mondays – Mondays are the start of my week. HardWorker has gone to work and BoyGenius has gone to school. A new week has begun. It’s like a respite where you never thought you’d find one.

I’d like to start something on this Monday that I’ll hopefully be able to keep up for 26 weeks (but probably not in a row). I want to write a post featuring favourite words of mine. I don’t know that I’ll whip up some bit of prose or poetry every week; I might just list my favourites for any given letter. I don’t really know. I just really love words and sometimes just the sound of them or seeing them written out is enough to centre me, to calm me, to ground me, to send me soaring or crashing to the ground.

I figure the easiest way to keep track is to start with a different letter each week .. and since we have this neat little filing system called an alphabet, why not put it to good use? So let’s start with “A.”

  • awesome – meaning inspiring awe; I do often use it as meaning very impressive which is how the kids use it (how can I help it, I’ve got an 8 year old?), but I really like the idea of something being awe-inspiring.
  •  adept – an adjective meaning very skilled or proficient; I also like the related noun ‘adeptness.’ It just sounds cool to me.
  • aver – to assert or affirm with confidence; I like the idea of knowing something well enough to be able to aver it instead of just stating it.
  • antagonistic – hostile, unfriendly, acting in opposition; mostly I just like the way this one sounds … I don’t like acting antagonistically, but I can, and do at times.
  • abroad – in or to a foreign country or countries;I love the idea of going abroad and I feel posh just saying “I’ve been abroad.”
  • abrade – to wear off or down by scraping or rubbing; I also like abrasion. It’s the feeling that the word conveys to me when I say it or write it that puts it in my list.
  • alliteration – the commencement of two or more words of a word group with the same letter; I’m ever enjoying the employment of alliteration in literature.

I don’t just count these words among my favourites because of their meanings — sometimes it is simply the sound or feeling of the letters as they roll off my tongue. Sometimes the meanings take away from the word, but being able to use them in a sentence brings me joy.

How do you feel about words? Do you have favourites? Do you find yourself using the same words over and over in your day to day conversations? I remember hearing children complaining about adults using “their” words like awesome or cool. I remember finding myself using “absolutely” way too much when working with students on their reading. I remember hearing Erica Kane of “All My Children” talking about “people of their ilk” and thinking ‘no one really talks like that’ – that was probably close to 30 years ago and it has still got a place in my memory. Words are something that I cherish and I realized about 20 years ago that some people really do ‘talk like that’ and that I am one of them.

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2 thoughts on “Monday’s words — A

  1. Running from Hell with El

    Love your words; love your favorites!!
    Abrogate. Yes–aver. Attrition. Aching. Attenuated.

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