I’d like literary genres for a thousand, Alex

So the thing is, I like to read. I have been known to read just about anything, including all the signs (street, business, billboard) on certain streets in certain towns while driving through — and those I read out loud. I think reading is one of the most amazing pastimes a person could take up. I am thrilled that BoyGenius has become interested in reading.

Reading can take you places you will never get to otherwise; places you will have to see because you read about them; places you have been to but forgotten about. And I don’t just mean physical destinations. Reading will take you into someone else’s head, someone else’s shoes, someone else’s life.

I love to read.

I went through a period of minimal reading, I think, or minimal for me, anyway, but now I am back to reading whenever possible: stolen minutes during the day, while waiting at the blood donor clinic or the dentist’s, in the loo (yes, that’s right, I will stay in there until I finish a chapter!), in bed before falling asleep or upon awakening.

I have fond memories of the huge reference library in the city I used to live in and of the libraries at the institutes of higher learning I have attended. It always gave me a little thrill to be able to flash my “membership” card that allowed access to the elevators that would whisk me away into the stacks. I remember where my favourite childhood books were located in my hometown library. I can easily spend hours (probably days if I didn’t have other responsibilities or need to eat) in bookstores. I, like countless others, could spend the better part of a week skipping from blog to blog on the interweb … and still be behind in my reading.

Since hooking up with all sorts of wonderful writers via said interweb I have been introduced to an entirely new (to me) genre in literature. YA (Young Adult) novels. Where did this come from? When did it come into being? Why are these books “hidden” from adults in the library? In our library they are near the dvds, cds and audio books, not where I usually browse(d) for something new to read. Let me tell you, my browsing habits have changed. I have discovered some amazing reads and some amazing authors in the YA genre. I have read some amazing books. I am looking forward to reading many more.

I talk about one of my favourite discoveries, A Monster Callshere on a previous post.

Another is reviewed here (includes a book giveaway contest)! I have not yet had the opportunity to read The Monster’s Daughter by Deborah Bryan but I know it won’t disappoint because I know and follow Deb’s writing at The Monster in Your Closet.

I’m not happy that I missed out on this entire genre for years, but I am happy that Deborah Bryan pointed me in that direction a few months ago. It means, of course, that I’ve got a lot of catch-up reading to do. It also means that I have plenty of great books to choose from. So yes, I’ll take literary genres for a thousand please, Alex!

ps: to see what I’ve been reading lately or am reading now, check out my list.

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One thought on “I’d like literary genres for a thousand, Alex

  1. I wrote my own post about the same topic last year. I guess it’s more common than I thought! I’d also recommend Tina Fey’s Bossypants. I actually peed in my pants laughing. 🙂

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