in his blood?

So BoyGenius had his 8 year annual check-up at the pediatrician’s yesterday.  Both the nurse and our doctor seemed shocked that they hadn’t seen us in a year.  Then doc checked BG’s file and realised that it’s been that way since he was about 3 years old.  He had a three week cough once back then — and since then we only go once a year. Oh don’t get me wrong, we’ve been to the walk-in clinic a couple of times (seriously, a couple) and the ER four times since BoyGenius was a baby (two of those times for a broken left arm .. two separate playground incidents), but other than that, the kid’s fairly healthy. 🙂

Apparently, one of the things that happens at an annual check-up when you’re 8 years old is that the doctor asks you what you want to do when you grow up; you’re not allowed to say “I don’t know,” you have to be able to formulate some idea. HardWorker and I (and other people) have asked BG a few times over the years what he might like to be when he grows up and the most we ever got out of him is “a Rescue Hero!” … and that means Billy Blazes or Jack Hammer, not an actual firefighter or police officer. So Dr. Larry asks BG what he wants to do when he grows up and here’s what happens: BoyGenius thinks for a bit, not like he’s trying to come up with something, but like he’s actually given it some thought before and is just recalling it, and says very matter-of-factly, “a builder.”  “Hmm ..,” says Dr. Larry then asks “what kind of builder .. like homes or a ship or boat builder?”  “Airplanes,” says BoyGenius and smiles. He smiles.

Airplanes. I smile. See, I don’t think BG knows how amazing that answer is. He does know that he has a cousin who is a pilot for a major european airline. However …. I don’t believe he remembers being told that his Opa was a glider pilot. I don’t think he remembers that his uncle BlueEyes was a flight attendant for many, many years.  He has no concept of me actually working, so he doesn’t know that I spent 15 years in the travel industry, doing all manner of things related to air travel: booking, ticketing, contracting, sales & groups sales, planning and analysis. He has no idea that he has a cousin who is an aviation engineer and works for Airbus … building airplanes. ♥

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One thought on “in his blood?

  1. thetwistingkaleidoscope

    Love it! The Maiden is most certainly not following in *our* footsteps–the Man and I are both lawyers–we’re pretty sure the whole “be a doctor” thing is just to spite us. Except she’s actually serious about it. 🙂

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