harbingers of spring

Springtime is here. Officially, and anecdotally. Know what I mean?

Kids shedding their coats. Sunshine. Lilac budding out. Winter babies making appearances in outfits that allow you to actually see them. Sunshine. Motorbikes, scooters and bicycles. Dogs rolling in mud.

We didn’t have much of a winter here; not a single snow storm, driveways and sidewalks only had to be shoveled twice, I didn’t even get the snowtires put on my car.  It’s March and we’ve been sitting out on decks and enjoying hottubs, listening to the songs of spring peepers.  I only bought birdseed twice this winter, not that the birds wouldn’t have eaten more, but really, there was food readily available for them all over the place.

BoyGenius asked today if we could picnic at the park for lunch. That’s how quickly we’ve made the transition from winter to warm this year. I have croci and lenten rose blooming in the garden and hollyhocks pushing their way up through the inlaid brick walkway. I have the windows open and the furnace off.

A sure sign of spring!

One of the first things I notice about spring is the smell. It’s not always a good smell … there are those winters where the first thing you smell with the spring thaw is melting dog doo. Wonderful. (This winter that hasn’t been the case and I think it’s because we didn’t have the snow that some dog owners think hides the fact that their dog just cr@pped in the schoolyard.) No, I mean the smell of soil, the smell of slightly warmer air, the smell of morning dew. Today’s mud smells much different from the mud we had to deal with all winter. It smells like — marbles and skipping ropes; scooter and bikes; pussywillows and tulips; yardwork and car washes.

What are some of the things that put you in mind of spring? Is there one thing that takes you back to when you were a kid?

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4 thoughts on “harbingers of spring

  1. Running from Hell with El

    Whirlybirds-those helicopters that falls off trees.

  2. My husband and I were working in the backyard last weekend. He noticed birds flitting in the bushes and trees, moving closer. I raised my hand and whispered, “Shh…”


    Forgive the link to another blog, but these guys were our visitors. I have never, ever in my life seen a single one of these in my yard until last weekend and we had a flock of them. 🙂

    • I’ll allow the link … because I love watching birds. 🙂 They are amazing creatures. We used to have cedar waxwings in our yard when I was young but I haven’t seen any in years.

      Robins have always been one of those harbingers of spring that everyone (around here) can relate to but this year they seemed to be around all winter so it’s more like “meh, the robins are out.”

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