Really? At 8?

So BoyGenius had a birthday last week, he turned 8 and as per his request, his party was a small affair, just three friends over to spend four hours playing video games.  His vision went something like this:  if you have a Plants vs. Zombies game for your DS then you bring it with you; one boy can play PvsZ on our laptop (I think the goal here was to advance levels in BG’s saved game), while whoever else plays it on their DSes .. those who aren’t playing Plants vs. Zombies can play something on the Wii.


I was quite pleased with my Plants vs. Zombies cake!

 The party went well, very little actual Plants vs. Zombies was played but there was a lot  of Wii-ing, even though we were one remote short for the four of them.  At one point they started their own “live-action” version of P vs. Z but that didn’t last too long.  The gorgeous cake I baked was a huge hit.

One of the funniest (for me) parts came when all four boys were standing in front of the tv screen, three of them racing in Mario Karts and one just pretending to, and BestFriend said he wished he would never have to marry, could just live in a house with his friends and design and play video games.  Somehow, from there, all four of them got to how many girls were crushing on them and who had how many girlfriends.  BoyGenius didn’t say much.  BestFriend (grade 4) has a “girlfriend” but didn’t mention it.  SchoolFriend1 said he had 29 girls crushing on him but he only loved C (who is in grade 3!).  SchoolFriend2 said Alex loves C.  Then it was agreed that Alex loved her in grade 1, but not in grade 2.  And C certainly doesn’t love Alex.  Then they decided that just about everybody loved C but she only loved SchoolFriend1 (according to him).  BoyGenius was pretty quiet throughout this … until he spoke up and loudly and clearly informed them all that C had loved him since Kindergarten and she’s still hugging him all the time so they could just forget it.  That’s my boy!  🙂


Male bonding ... from racing to girls.

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3 thoughts on “Really? At 8?

  1. *thumbs up, kid* LOL!

  2. Yep. I taught 8th grade. Just wait. Those are the conversations they won’t have in front of Mom.

    • *smiling* I know, I know … there are days I wish he would and then I give my head a shake because I know there are enough days to come when I will wish he would

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