weekends were made for …

I’m not sure why, but it seems like weekends are the worst thing going.  BoyGenius is home.  HardWorker may or may not be working on a Saturday, but is home for sure on a Sunday.  Family time!!  What’s the problem, you ask?  Isn’t it great that you’re all home together, you ask?

You know what?  No, it’s not always great.  I have family time every day.  I’m not so sure I need more of it (concentrated, no less) on the two days I don’t have to get showered, get BoyGenius out of bed, get breakfast, get snack ready, get BG dressed and out the door, get laundry and groceries done, get BG home for lunch, figure out what to feed him, get him back out the door after said lunch, get dishwasher emptied and reloaded, try to figure something out for dinner, get BG home from school, argue with him about playdates, console him because nobody asked him over, get dinner started, watch Jimmy Two Shoes, feed the cat a hundred times, either feed BoyGenius without HardWorker being home or wait until HardWorker gets home then get the talk because BG should have eaten already, feed myself and HW, figure out where HW’s work shirts are, finish loading the dishwasher, put the leftovers away, get BoyGenius to get ready for bed, push him up the stairs, sing him at least 4 songs and say his prayers, wake up HardWorker who has fallen asleep before BG, then come down and watch some tv.  Isn’t that family time?

So take that whole scenario …. factor in HW being home all day and not feeding herself or BG and wondering why I’m not doing it …. and you’ve got my weekend!!  Weekends really were made for Michelob.

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3 thoughts on “weekends were made for …

  1. Wow! I’m so glad you’re writing a blog. I was walking to the store today thinking to myself that I’m going to email V and tell her to start writing a blog. I’ve read everything you’ve written so far. You didn’t disappoint. Love ya.

  2. Wow. I was just lamenting to my hubby that when I decided to be a SAHM I didn’t know it would include never getting to go anywhere by myself and while I love weekends, it seems like a lot more work with everyone in my way.

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